Dating smith and wesson k22

The model 17 (k-22 masterpiece) was introduced in 1946 as the k-22 in 1957 when s&w went to numbers to identify models, it was changed to model 17 the finish is blued and it was offered with 4, 6, or 8 3/8 barrels. Smith and wesson let's discuss the famous s&w k-22 masterpiece discussion in 'smith i'm impressed by your depth of knowledge on the k-22 series and that purchase date coincides with my memory (i first shot that gun on the base target range in 1963, when i was 9 years old) the friendliest gun discussion forum online forums. From here, it went on to be the k-38 masterpiece (1947), and because it was a favorite of target shooters, the company offered guns that weighed 38½ ounces for target matches as the models k-22 and k-32.

The smith & wesson company was formed in 1852, in norwich, connecticut the company's first offering was a lever-action repeating pistol moving forward from those beginnings, smith & wesson shaped innovations in the manufacturing of modern handguns. K 22 serial numbers, s&w k-22 masterpiece serial no mfg dates, smith and wesson 17-4 serial numbers, smith and wesson k 22 serial number dating. From 1910 onward smith and wesson hand ejector revolvers came in target variations equipped with adjustable sights rimfire revolvers built on the 32 frame were considered heavyweights and the first serious effort toward a 22 built on the 38 (k) frame did not come about until 1931 the high.

Smith & wesson 22/32 bekeart 22 caliber revolver very fine gun with 90%+ of the original finish grips on right hand side have been altered to fit a previous owner’s hand. The 22 winchester magnum rimfire (wmr) cartridge came to life in 1959, and smith & wesson had a revolver—the model 48—chambered for it before winchester could get a rifle to market. The best thing that a smith&wesson enthusiast can invest in (besides a gun)is a copy of the standard catalog of smith&wesson, by supica and nahas it is currently in the third edition and is the best compilation of information so far on s&w firearms. Smith & wesson 617-6 22 lr caliber revolver 6” 10-shot model in excellent condition add to cart smith & wesson 360 sc 357 mag (pr41363) $69995 smith & wesson 360 sc 357 mag caliber pistol airlite model with scandium alloy frame and titanium cylinder in very good with box.

Smith wesson k22 pre war nickel keith brown $ 2,35000 1991 smith wesson 16 32 magnum 8 3/8 in the box $ 2,10000 1947 smith wesson mp pre 10 2 inch in the box 1992 smith wesson 586 4 position front sight $ 1,30000 1989 smith wesson 625 3 inch bank note 45acp $ 3,00000 smith wesson 544 44/40 5 inch new in the case. Smith and wesson k-22 22lr revolver description: another great listing from gainesville pawn this smith and wesson k-22 22lr revolver is a a great shooter and very collectable k-frame this one is very clean with very little wear or use please be aware that this firearm is for sale in our store as well as the occasional gun show. A look back: the smith & wesson model 48 i enjoyed a day of chisler shooting with both of my k-22 revolvers-a 1979-vintage model 17 and a 1959-vintage model 48 that i acquired recently in a. My husband inherited a smith and wesson 38 special from my mom's fiance who passed we know it was in the 30's the last patent date is 1914 is there anyway to pin point how old the revolver is than 1914-1930 something of course, the serial number is on the gun.

Dating smith and wesson k22

Smith wesson m p, 1948, i'm glad i could date old s w revolvers like this is a proper s w historian i have questions about dating s w revolver and posiibly looks like model number dating the number could go about s w historian. It is a smith and wesson 22 long rifle ctg with a k serial # everything i can find on the internet seems to have different grips than this one this some type of horns grips and the barrel is just over 5. The smith & wesson historical foundation and its effort to digitize the company records may afford future collectors the ability to search a given serial number and find all relevant company records and correspondence pertaining to that gun. The serial number k 533800 indicates that your smith and wesson was made in the year 1963this was assigned to the models 14,15,16,17,18,19,48,53,66,67,68 and there pre model variations.

I can say that the smith and wesson model 27-2 started having a n prefix to the serial number in 1969these model 27-2 were made until 1981,when the model 27-3 began productionif your model 27-2. Smith and wesson k-22's i have one in possession now, and i should have the other in about ten days the one i brought home today is a model 17, k-22 made in 1978 and fired very little. The smith & wesson model 17 is a six-shot double-action revolver chambered for 22 lrit is built on smith & wesson's medium-sized k-frame.

Smith & wesson k 22 masterpiece revolver installing a wilson combat smith & wesson k/l/n frame revolver tatv canada 4,932 views 6:19 i have this old gun - julian hatcher's s&w k-22. Smith and wesson k-22 5 screw 22lr 6 barrel serial k65xxx standard hammer, trigger, grips and sights grips are numbered to th for sale by schultheis sporting on gunsamerica - 956299730. Hello to all i have received an old smith and wesson 38 special pistol which was passed to me from my grandfather i have no documentation on the gun and would like to know how old it is and any details the serial number might tell the serial number is a five digit number on the bottom of the gun between the two sided hand grip the number is 50978 . Our assessment: the smith & wesson model 18 is also known as the k-22 combat masterpiece it is the understudy to the model 19 357 combat magnum it is the understudy to the model 19 357 combat magnum.

Dating smith and wesson k22
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